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We are a one-stop-shop for video production, TV production and multimedia. From a camera crew to a full High Definition (HD) broadcast TV production we can help. We have a proven track record in both corporate and broadcast TV video production with over 20 years of broadcast television experience. Take a look at the testimonials page to see what clients think of us! We combine the latest production technologies with experienced media professionals to bring your ideas to life. Stunning graphics, creative filming and seamless editing all fuse together into interesting, dynamic productions.

By using the menu above you can navigate around this site and find out more about the range of High Definition, Television, Video, Web and Multimedia production services that Ingenious TV have to offer. You can view showreel's with samples of our work or get an idea of how much a video production with us will cost. You can learn about the different shooting and editing formats including HDCAM, XDCAM, Digibeta, DVCAM, BetaSP, and HDV. The equipment section will give you a whole host of information about the PAL and NTSC camera kits, grip equipment and editing equipment that we have available.

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New HD Aurora Borealis and Arctic Footage!

We have just completed a filming trip to the arctic and now have some stunning HD footage of arctic conditions and the northern lights.

We have an extensive library of stock footage and archive severe weather footage, including Tornadoes, Lightning, Hurricanes, Giant Hail, Torrential Rain, Storm Clouds, Floods and most other aspects of severe and extreme weather. All our recent footage was shot using High Definition equipment and includes spectacular Tornado, Hurricane, Giant Hail, swirling Supercell thunderstorms and amazing lightning clips. Click here to search or rights managed clips and click here to search our royalty free severe and extreme weather clips.

Fixed price video production

By keeping the whole production process "In-House" and using standard templates we can offer an affordable fixed price production service without compromising quality. We complete production packages and rates tailored to differing needs, with prices starting as low as £2,250, $4,000.00. High quality, fast turnaround video productions at power point prices will help bring your ideas and presentations to life. With our fixed price service you know exactly how much your video production will cost from the very start, helping you keep control of your budget. Please contact us to discuss your exact needs.


Do you need a video that will really stand out... literally!

3D video is the new wave. The latest generation of compact, very high quality HD cameras are perfect for stereoscopic production. A stereoscopic video will appear to have depth instead of being a flat picture. As you move your head from side to side you will see the perspective of the image change. A well produced stereoscopic video is a much more emersive experience.

Stereoscopic videos are normally viewed with some kind of special glasses. These can be really cheap Red/Cyan coloured glasses, polarized glasses or more expensive shutter glasses. While possibly adding to the cost of the production these glasses can be a great marketing tool, for example by getting potential viewers to apply to you for a free pair you can obtain reliable contact details. The cheap cardboard glasses can easily be branded with your companies details. At large shows or exhibitions they can be given as a hand-out, for example come to stand A1 to see an amazing 3D video of the latest widget. Click Here for more info on stereoscopic production.

CONFERENCE VIDEOS. Need a conference opener, awards video or a video diary of an event. We have many years of experience of producing video inserts for conferences and seminars. From a simple conference presentation to a big budget 3D mini feature we have the skills and tools that enable us to deliver a cost effective video production service. For video diary's and end of event videos we have laptop edit suites, skilled camera operators and editors that can produce memorable videos on site with very short turnarounds. We can also provide live multi camera mixed feeds for event video screens and video walls. Please contact us for some great rates and full details.

SHOOT HD AT SD PRICES. We have 3 Broadcast Quality High Definition Camcorders. 1 Sony XDCAM HD PDW-700 camcorder and 2 XDCAM EX HD camcorders. We can now produce High Definition programs at the same price as Standard Definition. HD is excellent for large screen presentations, conference openers and exhibition stands as well as broadcast programs and low budget movies. Our Sony PDW-700 XDCAM HD422 camcorder uses removable disks and our Sony EX1 and EX3 camcorders record to solid state SxS memory cards. All record the video as data files helping to speed up the entire production process, eliminating drop outs and time consuming tape capture. Our Final Cut Studio and Avid Media Composer edit suites can work with both compressed and uncompressed HD. We also have a laptop HD edit system. Our cameras also allows us to shoot PAL, NTSC and HD at broadcast quality with variable frame rates. Slow motion and timelapse come as standard. They are also perfect if you need to produce a video for global markets. . If you are interested in making HD Shorts or low budget HD production click here for more info.

Need to fit a camera to a racing car or stunt plane? Perhaps we can help. We have been fitting minicams and small video cameras to all kinds of vehicles, boats, aircraft, people and animals for over 15 years. We developed some of the very first in-car camera systems for rally cars and racing cars. We have a comprehensive range of minicams including the new Sony HXR-MC1P HD minicam. This new POV camera produces remarkable full 1920x1080 HD picture from a package that can be fitted just about anywhere. We have a wide range of mounts, clamps and grips taht allow us to use the cameras in most situations. We can also design and fabricate systems to your specifications, whatever the job contact us for a quote.


We now have a Sony PDW-700 as well as our Sony XDCAM EX1 and EX3. For POV and minicam work we also have a pair of Sony HXR-MC1P HD minicams.

Read a review of the new Sony PDW-EX1 XDCAM EX camcorder here.

Forum and database. We have an online database that contains details of over 400 of our severe and extreme weather stock footage clips. If you have a shooting or editing question you can browse through our online forums. There are forums for HD production, editing, video cameras and shooting tips.

Our Crews now have satellite phones. Great for emergencies, remote locations or big news stories when the cell phone network becomes jammed!

Are you an XDCAM user? Click Here to visit for more interesting links, click here. For Alister Chapman's blog click here.











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